Wednesday, June 1, 2011


WOW! Stockholm is beautiful! We started yesterday with a visit to the Stockholm City Hall...this is the location where all the Nobel prizes are given, except for the Peace Prize which is given in Oslo, Norway. The picture below is of the Gold room.
Last night the YGCsang in Adolf Fredericks Church and they sounded incre
dible. Audience was small but the sound was terrific!

Went back to the hotel after the concert and then an early trip to Stockholm for a free day...
What an incredible day!

Started off the morning with a water taxi ride around Stockholm Harbor Saw the GrandHotel, (for all you Greta Garbo fans)
the changing of the guard at the royal palace
and then an incredible day walking around Gamel Stan (Old City-Stockholm). Saw amazing architecture, wonderful shops. The weather was the most beautiful.

All in all a wonderful day.

Off to Copenhagen in the morning - 7 hour bus ride!


  1. Great pictures! Please post a pic of your reindeer dinner........
    Glad you are having fun. Loved talking with you!!!! Get some rest and enjoy the bus ride tomorrow:)

  2. Monica Malone Wadsworth:
    It looks so beautiful! All is well here and we miss you. You and Ceil and Tom all gone at the same time!!!!! Love ya!!!

    (she posted this to FB:)