Thursday, June 2, 2011

The LONG and winding road to Copenhagen

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen........

Well.....after a long (7 hour) bus ride we travelled over the famous Oresund Bridge and under the Baltic Sea, passed by the famous Turning Torso building in Malmo and then we arrived safely in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are staying in the epitome of a commuter hotel (see pics below, yes, that is the shower head above the toilet in the ceiling of the bathroom!)...after an encounter with a viper-like front desk worker (yes, we have a meeting with her manager in the morning), dinner (where the vegetarian selection had bacon on it!) we all settled into our rooms (that make rooms at the Edison Hotel in NY look like suites). We have a rehearsal and sightseeing tomorrow as well as a concert at Vor Freslers Church. I will write tomorrow, but had to share our hotel tonight.

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  1. Wow looking at that room -- its a good thing you lost so much weight!!! LOL
    I love you and miss you!