Sunday, May 29, 2011


We arrived in Stockholm, Sweden yesterday and took the bus directly to Uppsala, a very old city once thecapitol of Sweden.

We checked into our Hostel and spent an uneventful quiet evening. Took a couple of trips to the bus depot to pick up Gleeclubbers who were arriving late.

Today (Sunday) we woke, had breakfast in the Hostel -

and walked to the Uppsala Cathedral for the first YGC performance at a service....I don’t think I have heard them sing in a better
place....They sang,
My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord and I think the Cathedral is still ringing....the reverberation lasted so long.

After the service we were treated to a reception where we had Smorgasto
rte...Basically a savory cake of meat, vegetables
and mayonnaise...Margi would have loved it!

After that I walked around Uppsala for a time and had a coffee and cake at a local cafe...

I walked back to the Hostel for a much needed nap (the jet lag really got me).

I am now waiting for a call from 2 YGC members who should be arriving soon so I can go to the Bus depot and get them.

So far so good....

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  1. Looks beautiful! Gotta tell you my muth is jsut watering for a savory cake of meat sandwich!!!! LOL enjoyed my hot dog with Mom and Monica instead:) xo